Improve the quality of your product sourcing and increase your margins on marketplaces.


Centralize the management of your supplier products in a suitable tool.

The application will automatically create your product catalog and the offers of your suppliers. Start improving your supplier purchases now.


Upload all your supplier files to import product offers.

You can import different types of files such as Excel, Csv, Txt, etc. into Ciama. A column mapping system is available in Ciama to help you upload and configure your files.


Identify and analyze the best offers in your supplier files.

Our algorithm analyzes and identifies the best offers from your suppliers around the ean13 or gtin present in your supplier files.


Ciama scans and analyzes the prices of your competitors on the marketplaces.

Find out about the market and the selling prices on the different marketplaces to calculate your potential margins.


Discover the statistics and dashboards optimized for product sourcing.

Visualize and analyze your statistics on your product sourcing and start making better decisions to improve the quality of your online sales.


Improve your purchasing process from your suppliers and improve your margins.

Use all the tools offered in the Ciama application to optimize and improve the margins generated by your online sales (marketplaces and ecommerce).

Centralize your suppliers data
in one application

Smart Upload files & Mappings

Upload your supplier files in less than 5 minutes by configuring
the mappings of your files for future imports.

Supplier products explorer

Friendly search with search filters and unified product sheets
to compare your data.

Statistics & History

Quick start to improving your margins and finding the best deals among your supplier products.


Identify best deals
in your supplier products

Data model integrate
with GS1 Global database

Take advantage of our product database coupled with GS1
to standardize your product catalog.

Compare procurement price & stock
in your suppliers catalog

Follow the variations of the product catalogs of your
suppliers and do not miss any good deall.

Calculate potentials margins on marketplaces

Collect competitors & buybox information on marketplaces

We collect and analyze on marketplaces the prices of products that are present in your supplier catalog.

Discover and manage your supplier products classment.

Configure your wished margins for each supplier product and ciama will process & inform you about internal classment.


Ciama is a procurement application
To improve your marketplace activites!

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